About Health 360°

When ‘I’ transforms into ‘WE’, ‘ILLNESS’ transforms into ‘WELLNESS’

About Health 360°

Creating a social impact through quality, accessible and affordable healthcare

Health 360° is one of the humanitarian arms of the Global 360° Group based in Australia. We are driven by our global vision for a united 360° health ecosystem made available to all. Guided by our corporate philosophy of creating social impact through quality, accessible and affordable healthcare, Health 360° is dedicating our purpose to creating a seamless healthcare experience - uniting primary, secondary and tertiary care - to deliver better health outcomes. We also commit a minimum of one percent of our revenue towards healthcare, women empowerment, and children’s welfare and education.

Putting the care back into health care.

We’ve re-invented our clinics to deliver the best standard of affordable, accessible, quality care for everybody.

Empowering patients through technology

We aim to leverage digital health to integrate health services and educate patients for better prevention and management of health conditions.

Giving back more than we receive

Our founding vision is to support vulnerable communities internationally with medical relief camps and development of local led clinics.


A brave new approach to health care

The Health 360° team is on a quest to provide a better standard of accessible healthcare to those who need it most. Our Promise to our patients:

Never put profits over patients

Recognize and honour every individual's unique healthcare needs

Constantly develop and share our healthcare knowledge with our patients

Give back to those who need it most


Dedicated to a larger vision and humanitarian mission

As part of the Global 360° Group of Companies, we are a social enterprise dedicated to a larger vision and humanitarian mission. Find out more here.

We pledge at least 1 percent of our revenue to humanitarian initiatives.

These funds support women’s and children’s rights, women’s empowerment, and access to healthcare and education for the underprivileged.

Our Partners

Meet the Health 360° Team

Madhu Ramana

Chairman of the Board Health 360°

Dr Guru Yajaman

CEO & Director of Health 360°

Ganesh Ramanathan

Head of Special Projects Health 360°

Major Madhu Malathi

Operations Director of Health 360° India

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