Quality healthcare for all

Our vision is to delivery quality, accessible and affordable healthcare to communities in need, and create a positive social impact. We are dedicated to creating a seamless healthcare experience - uniting primary, secondary and tertiary care - to deliver better health outcomes.


We are re-defining primary healthcare, to spearhead preventative health and community education, while leveraging digital health.


We are funding, building, and operating affordable private hospitals to deliver the best standard of accessible, quality care for everybody.


We are introducing high quality, low cost, Indian made medical technologies to Australia and developing digital healthcare platforms.


A brave new approach to healthcare

The Health 360° team is on a quest to provide a better standard of accessible healthcare to those who need it most. Our Promise to our patients:

Never put profits over patients

Recognize and honour every individual's unique healthcare needs

Constantly develop and share our healthcare knowledge with our patients

Give back to those who need it most


Our global mission

Australian born Health 360° now has an international footprint, investing in and developing healthcare clinics and hospitals within Australia, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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Indigenous hospitals

Creating innovative, world class, Indian hospitals based on indigenous technologies which integrate the Indian primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare ecosystems.

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Mobile clinics

Mobile clinics tailored to address the needs of vulnerable communities who lack adequate healthcare.


Indian made Med-tech

Have secured several MedTech supply agreements with major Australian private hospitals and the exclusive distributorship of Indian produced AMTZ MedTech within Australia.

Super clinics

We are developing several GP-led super clinics across Sydney, NSW, dedicated to bringing higher standards of patient care.



We have partnered with Bridge Group Holdings to support the development of   23 hospitals and 650 healthcare clinics in West Java, Indonesia.

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Developing specialized sports physiotherapy clinics.

Our partners

Our leadership team

Madhu Ramana

Chairman - Global 360°

Dev Kunasagaram

CEO - Global 360° Group

Ganesh Ramanathan

Director of Digital Health - Health 360°

Yesim Sepek

Operations Director - Global 360° Group